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The Gateway Pundit Sues Lead Stories Fact-Check Reporter for Defamation

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The Hunter Biden laptop story was a sensational NY Post story involving drugs, hookers, Chinese connections, payoffs, and more. That it involved the son of the former Vice President, who was in a pitched battle for the Presidency against incumbent Donald Trump, left the media with few options to cover for Democrats.

They tried ignoring the story but the ongoing revelations became too explosive. So the left-wing army of fact-checkers came to their rescue to officially ‘debunk’ the story.

A powerful exclusive at the Gateway Pundit featured cutting-edge technology developed by Yaacov Apelbaum, that utilized artificial intelligence in order to determine whether a face in one image ‘matched’ the face of another image, a now-common technology known as “facial recognition” to show that Hunter Biden had an active PornHub account that featured Biden relatives.

Very sloppily, Dean Miller Managing Editor from Lead Stories wrote the takedown of the Gateway Pundit story. The obvious goal of this article is to discredit the story, Apelbaum, and the Gateway Pundit.

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In debunking the Gateway Pundit, though, Lead Stories ran afoul of relevant laws about libel, injurious falsehood, and interfering with business relationships and are now being sued by the Gateway Pundit.

Because all of the items ‘debunked’ are, in fact, true.

“Leftist media organizations – the Mainstream Press – learned one lesson from 2016: destroy alternative media. They lie and then use the lies of others to deplatform conservative media and harass their advertisers.

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