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The elites’ plan to kill next year’s Red Wave

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There is great excitement in the MAGA movement this month because the 2021 elections telegraphed that a red tsunami is coming in 2022. However, we should remember that this was the identical sentiment in October of 2020 regarding President Trump’s imminent reelection prospects. Then the Marxists brazenly and blatantly cheated us out of that victory on a scale never before seen in America, and they have ever since been engaged in Soviet-style, culture-wide suppression of that truth to the huge portion of our population still beguiled by their false narratives.

The sheer magnitude of the globalist conspiracy convinces the unawakened that the true facts can’t be true. “How could all those top leaders across all those agencies, companies, industries and organizations all be telling the same lies all the time?”

Welcome to the Satanic cult of Marxism, whose unifying doctrines and dogma surpass that of all other religions, and whose adherents are more fanatical than any other cult in world history. There is nothing they will not do to win, even global genocide, which has actually been on their not-so-secret to-do list ever since Darwin’s nephew Francis Galton launched the Eugenics movement (now called Transhumanism) on the foundation of Malthusianism (population control). It’s all about the elite-orchestrated “self-perfection” of humanity in “sustainable” numbers: no more than 500 million globally, according to the Georgia Guidestones (their laughably pretentious, pot-headed “Stonehenge” monument designed to awe archeologists of the far distant future).

And as of this week we’ve learned their sights are set on injecting the gene-altering,

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