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The Biden Administration is Still Trying to “Get” General Flynn

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CNN reported Friday that the Defense Department Inspector General had concluded a “long-delayed investigation into Michael Flynn” sending its findings to the Army “in a case that could bring tens of thousands of dollars in financial penalties for President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser.”

The report stems from a referral launched by Democrats in 2017, as they attempted to paint Flynn as an agent of Russia and Turkey, while they struggled to build the narrative that the President and his campaign had somehow worked with the Russian government to secure a win of the Presidency.

The CNN report details that the Inspector General was investigating claims that General Flynn accepted money from Russian and Turkish interests before he began working for the Trump Administration, alleging that the acceptance of the money was a violation of the Constitutions Emoluments clause. Because there is the chance that former military officials may be called back to serve, they are subject to this rarely enforced provision in the Constitution.

UncoverDC has filed a FOIA request for a copy of the report.

The reporting by CNN and other legacy media outlets is the latest in an attempt to demonize the General, as his influence and popularity among more than half the country skyrockets. However, Flynn is one of the most investigated men on the planet, and each of the politically motivated attempts to destroy the decorated general, have failed.

Russian money

In December of 2015, Flynn traveled to Russia to speak at RT’s anniversary gala. The trip and speaking engagement were arranged by a speakers bureau. Flynn informed the DIA that he would be making the trip and then briefed them afterward.

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