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The Art Of The Steal: Volume ll Of the Navarro Report

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On Tuesday, Peter Navarro released the second volume of The Navarro Report called The Art of the Steal. This blockbuster report follows his first report, Volume l-The Immaculate Deception, explained in an UncoverDC article on Dec. 18. Navarro alleges that the Democrats and their political operatives unleashed a steal of the 2020 election “by implementing its Grand “Stuff the Ballot Box” Strategy, the Democrat Party and its political operatives have strategically gamed one of the most sacred elements of American democracy, our election system. This was brass-knuckle politics at the highest level which has delivered a brutal punch to the nose of the American people and a vicious kick to the groin of American democracy.”

The Art of the Steal Report/Volume 11 of The Navarro/ Report/Dr. Peter Navarro/Jan.5, 2021

Navarro contends that the Democrats and its operatives stole the election from President Trump by using a “two-pronged strategy” to stuff the ballot boxes in six key battleground states—Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. They used the cover of the pandemic to send out massive numbers of mail-in and absentee ballots so they could flood these states with enough illegal ballots to “turn a decisive Trump victory into a narrow and illegitimate Biden alleged, “win.”

“Prong One dramatically INCREASED the amount of absentee and mail-in ballots in the battleground states. Prong Two dramatically DECREASED the level of scrutiny of such ballots—effectively taking the election “cops” off the beat.” Navarro alleges that the flood of ballots tipped the victory from a huge legitimate win margin for Trump to a narrow, illegitimate win for Biden.

In addition, he said that state officials changed election laws in several states to aid in the steal,

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