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The American Experiment: Will self-government survive?

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Is the Biden administration governing in a way that takes into consideration the will of the American people? Based on his plummeting poll numbers and crude anti-Biden chants filling sports stadiums, the answer would seem to be no.

Last week’s defeat of the left at the polls in Virginia and elsewhere was a reminder of the pushback potential of “we the people.”

Some leftist pundits said Terry McAuliffe lost his Virginia gubernatorial campaign in 2021 because he didn’t campaign to the left enough. Others remarked it was the alleged “white supremacist” factor that gave conservatives the victory. Of course, they say this while ignoring the victory of the lieutenant governor-elect in Virginia, Winsome Sears. She is the first black woman to win that position in that state.

Last week’s election was a reminder of the genius of the Founding Fathers to build into the system the opportunity for the people to correct earlier political mistakes.

Conservative columnist Star Parker made a comment about this principle once in a television interview with D. James Kennedy Ministries.

She noted, “What I’ve learned about this whole political arena is that the words of President Garfield are really true. If you have recklessness and corruption in government, it’s because you tolerate it. Because of the beauty of the founding, they give us elections every two years, every four years, and every six years. So, in two years, we get to [elect Congress members] again;

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