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‘That guy picked the wrong house’: 82-year-old vet takes on armed intruder, beats him to death

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A home invasion robbery that could have ended deadly for an elderly South Carolina couple ended when the husband, an 82-year-old Vietnam veteran, beat his wife’s assailant to death.

The incident occurred Monday afternoon in the small community of Jackson, which is just a short drive across the state line from Augusta, Georgia.

Police said 61-year-old Harold L. Runnels Jr. knocked on the back door of Herbert and Lois Parrish’s house around noon and claimed he was looking for a lost dog, WJBF-TV reported.

According to police, there was no dog — Runnels was there to harm the couple.

WJBF reported that when Lois Parrish opened the door, Runnels forced his way in with a large knife and began a vicious assault, according to police. He allegedly knocked the 79-year-old to the ground after striking her in the head with the handle of the knife.

Herbert, who is apparently a spry 82, wasn’t about to let his sweetheart be violated, not without putting up a fight. He met the attacker’s violence with greater force.

Both Lois and Herbert explained how the situation unfolded to Columbia, South Carolina, Fox affiliate WACH-TV.

A home invasion in Aiken County turned deadly after an elderly couple fought off the suspect by beating him with the handle of a shotgun.https://t.co/wiVOKP0KaD pic.twitter.com/pQ5Ouvyy55

— WACH FOX (@wachfox) February 17,

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