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Texas Funds SoS “Comprehensive Forensic Audit” of Four Counties

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Governor Greg Abbott of Texas issued a press release on Nov. 19 that announced approval for a $4 million budget to fund an Election Audit Division within the Office of the Texas Secretary of State (SoS). Abbott says the division will be focused on conducting a “comprehensive forensic audit.”

In late September, the Texas Secretary of State’s Office had announced an audit of the two largest Democrat and the two largest Republican counties—Dallas, Harris, Tarrant, and Collin. Donald Trump had called it a “weak risk-limiting audit that is being slow-walked through the Secretary of State’s office.” Now it is funded, and Abbott is calling it the “largest forensic audit in the country.

Trump was awarded 38 electoral votes for a reported margin of ~5.6% in Texas, where Captain Seth Keshel estimates nearly 700K excess votes for Biden. Under Attorney General Ken Paxton, Texas sued Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia in early 2021, alleging that their use of pandemic claims to ignore election laws disenfranchised Texas citizens. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case or review the evidence.

AG Paxton announced the formation of an Election Integrity Unit in October that would be a continuation of a Ballot Fraud Intervention Team initiative that resulted in several election integrity lawsuits in 2020. The Office of the Attorney General maintains an election integrity site that numbers active election fraud investigations and results of criminal election fraud cases in the State.

The press release that announced the new unit stated:

Attorney General Ken Paxton today announced the formation of his 2021 Texas Election Integrity Unit,

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