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Terrorists worldwide celebrate Taliban’s Afghanistan victory

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The return to power in Afghanistan of a group that seeks to establish the rule of Islamic law is a cause for celebration among groups such as Hamas and governments such as Iran and Turkey.

The Palestinian group Hamas, a designated terrorist group that branched off from the Muslim Brotherhood, congratulated “the Muslim Afghani people for the demise of the American occupation from its soil,” reported the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

“We congratulate Taliban and its courageous leadership for this victory which culminates to its long Jihad for 20 years,” Hamas said. ” … We stress that the freedom from the occupation of America and its allies proves that the resistance of people and on top of the Jihad of our Palestinian people ends with victory and liberation.”

The group Palestinian Islamic Jihad praised “the dear Afghan people for liberating Afghan lands from the American and Western occupation.”

“The Afghani Muslim people presented and staged the greatest jihadist glory against all invaders throughout their honorable history,” the group said.

The leader of the Egyptian group Al-Jama’a al-Islamiyya, Assem Abdul Majeed, praised the jihadists who “defeated the infidels.”

“Have you seen how was power transferred to the Taliban quietly and without resistance?” he wrote.

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