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Terrified American trapped in Afghanistan breaks down on live TV, reveals Biden has abandoned her

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The gut-wrenching reality of what it means to be an American citizen left in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan when the U.S. government will not help was brought home vividly when a woman trying to flee the country shared her story on Fox News.

Jennifer Wilson, the COO of the nonprofit Army Week Association who works with the group Project Dynamo to rescue Americans trapped in Afghanistan, joined Fox News’ Dana Perina on “America’s Newsroom” along with a woman whose name was given as “Julie,” a U.S. citizen trapped in Afghanistan.

“I’m not doing, I’m just sitting,” she said.

“They broke me, you know, the United States broke me because I’m a U.S. citizen,” she said.

“I’ve been through a lot of,” the woman began, until an eruption of misery brought a flood of tears and a halt to her words, “very bad in my life.”

“I just come to get married here to have life with my family and get back there,” she said.

Then came the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, and what she said was her abandonment by the State Department.

“Basically, I’m dying,” she said as time goes by and she remains trapped.

She said that Wilson was her best hope, because the State Department would do nothing for her.

“I call them so many times. I email them. They just take the phon

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