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Taxpayers get ripped off and Congress does nothing

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Milton Friedman used to quip that, in Washington, if a government program is working, Congress says we need to spend more money on it. And if a government program is failing, Congress concludes we are not spending enough money on it.

We are seeing that in spades with the unemployment insurance program that has been looted by fraud for nearly 18 months and has become a poster child of everything gone wrong in government (already) under President Joe Biden.

CNBC recently investigated the ransacking of the unemployment insurance program and was told by Michele Evermore, a senior policy adviser for unemployment insurance: “What we’re seeing now is really terrifying. Fraud has gotten so big.” She wasn’t exaggerating.

The Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General estimated up to $87 billion in fraudulent payments in the program. $87 billion! And Washington yawns. Just a cost of doing business.

Government auditors have uncovered billions of dollars stolen from taxpayers and deposited in the bank accounts of fraudsters living in Nigeria, West Africa, Mexico and the like.

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