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Stunning Election Fraud Allegedly Found In Delaware County, PA

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Massive election fraud has allegedly been found in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. A video posted by a whistleblower of alleged fraudulent activity associated with the destruction of 2020 election files surfaced on Twitter this week.

Related to the video is a 91-page lawsuit filed in Delaware County, PA, alleging proof of individuals conspiring to “destroy, delete, and hide Nov. 3, 2020, election data, materials, and equipment to prevent discovery of election fraud and election law violations.”

Former Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, who changed election laws in contravention to the legislature before the 2020 election, and multiple local election officials are being sued in this stunning case. The lawsuit—filed on behalf of four plaintiffs—also argues that the Defendants “intentionally created chaos so they would be able to then carry out the acts of election fraud and the election law violations described herein undetected.”

The complaint alleges that the Defendants accomplished this by hiring “incompetent or under-qualified individuals” so they could later hide the fraud “under the pretense of incompetence” of the workers hired for election day. Additionally, when a May 21, 2021 Right to Know (RTK) request for information was made with regard to election data that should have been preserved, the “Defendants fraudulently and intentionally deleted, changed, adulterated, manipulated and/or obscured the information, data, and materials produced in response to the RTK request.”

These actions, allege the Plaintiffs, resulted in the hiding of fraud and election code violations, and the complaint states that the Defendants “knew that they could not reconcile the previously fraudulently reported Nov. 3, 2020 election results.” The lawsuit is clear in its contention that the Defendants knew there was “responsive information” on election day that would have brought the final reported results into question.

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