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Senator to HHS secretary: Moms ‘don’t want to get a happy birthing person card’

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Joe Biden’s pick to be secretary of the Health and Human Services Department, Xavier Becerra, largely was considered unqualified for the post by conservatives and Republicans because of his fanatical devotion to abortion.

He’s been criticized because multiple times he’s refused to acknowledge that the U.S. has a law banning partial birth abortion. He’s stumbled with that concept multiple times in appearances before Congress is just the last few days, even though he voted against the law when he was in Congress.

Now it appears he can’t say “mom” or “mother” and can’t explain why federal legislation language has been changed to call those people “birthing people.”

The issue was raised by Sen. Jim Lankford, who pointed out “moms” may be offended by being called “birthing people.”

The PostMillennial explained.

“I also noticed you changed a term in your budget work. You s

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