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Rudy Giuliani: Audit Dominion Machines In Key States

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Rudy Giuliani called for an audit of Dominion voting machines in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin:

DISCOVERY: A 68% ERROR rate found in votes PROVES intentional fraud!

PA, AZ, GA, MI, and WI should agree to let us audit the Dominion machines. If they didn’t cheat, what are they afraid of? We MUST have an audit!

Rudy Giuliani’s analysis HERE: https://t.co/Ri9Q1GJMzF pic.twitter.com/FpTtVfS7bg

— Rudy W. Giuliani (@RudyGiuliani) December 21, 2020

If they have nothing to hide, then why not allow an audit?

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The Antirim County audit Rudy discusses was previously reported on by The Gateway Pundit: 

This morning, Judge Elsenheiemer gave Matthew DePerno permission to release the results of the forensic study with the provision that he make a few redactions, which DePerno claims were “minor.” The judge made it clear that the report could be released today, but only after MI Assistant AG Eric Grill approved the agreed upon redactions.

DePerno said the redactions were “not relevant,” and that the key part of the report has been released in his bombshell report.

“It took about two minutes to make the redactions,” DePerno said. As soon as he was finished, he immediately called Michigan Assistant Attorney General Eric Grill to ask him if he had seen the redacted document yet? According to DePerno, “Grille told me that ‘he would get to it later,’ and that ‘he was busy with some other things.’” DePerno told Grill that he was planning to go on some media shows and that he would be telling them that Grill was “slow-walking the approval of the redactions.” DePerno claims Grill hung up the phone,

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