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Rubio’s unsettling warning: UFOs are flying over U.S. military bases, we have no idea what they are

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Do you believe in UFOs?

Responses to this simple question will vary. Some will respond with an eye roll and a few will smile. Once in a while, though, someone will respond with an emphatic “yes.”

Needless to say, Sen. Marco Rubio, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has been privy to classified information and he is extremely concerned. Either the technology of a rival nation or group has advanced at a frightening pace without our knowledge or we have visitors from beyond our solar system.

TMZ caught up with the Florida Republican on Monday at Reagan National Airport in Washington to discuss the situation.

And the unsettling truth is, Rubio said, the United States government doesn’t know.

Rubio told TMZ, “There’s stuff flying over military installations and no one knows what it is, and it isn’t ours. So, for me, that’s logical. You want to know what it is. It’s just common sense. Stuff’s flying over the top of your most sensitive installations and it’s not ours and no one knows whose it is, you should find out what it is and tell us.”

The TMZ reporter noted that many people consider China to be a big threat, but he wondered if we shouldn’t also “be worried about what else that’s out in the universe.”

“I would take it one step at a time. You know what I mean.

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