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Rittenhouse describes ‘bleeding’ skin after not showering for weeks due to barbaric jail conditions

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The recently acquitted Kenosha teen Kyle Rittenhouse spoke with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in an interview that aired Monday night, telling his side of a story that has captivated and divided Americans over the last few weeks as his case went to trial.

Rittenhouse was found not guilty of all charges against him, which included two counts of homicide and one count of attempted homicide after he shot three men, killing two, during the infamous fiery-but-mostly-peaceful protests in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting last year.

Although the facts of the case made it abundantly clear that the then-17-year-old acted in self-defense when he fired upon the rioters, the left has nonetheless leveraged his case as an apparent example of racism, somehow, even though the three men he shot were all white.

During the interview, Rittenhouse provided chilling details of his conditions in jail after he was arrested last year, and if you’re not already outraged over how this young man has been treated after being forced to defend his life that fateful evening in August 2020, you most certainly will be when you hear this.

Carlson explained that Rittenhouse, despite being a minor at the time, was placed in adult detention after turning himself over to police in the fall of last year, where he remained for 87 days.

“Eighty-seven days is a long time to be in jail,” Carlson said to the teenager during their sit-down interview.

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