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Retired Army Colonel and PA State Senator Calls On Deputy AG to Investigate Fraudulent PA Presidential Election Results

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Retired Army Colonel and Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano wrote the Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue on Monday on the general election voter irregularities and fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

The most damning evidence against Democrat fraud in the state is the fact that 205,122 more votes were counted in the state than the number of people who voted!

As previously reported by The Gateway Pundit:

After nearly two months, it was discovered that the state of Pennsylvania had 200,000 more votes than people who voted.

We already knew that in Pennsylvania tens of thousands of ballots were returned before they were sent out.  We know hundreds of thousands of completed ballots were shipped from New York to Pennsylvania before the election.  We also know that 2.5 million absentee ballots were counted in Pennsylvania but only 1.8 million in total were sent out.

[On Monday,] the Pennsylvania House uncovered that the certified results in Pennsylvania for President are in error by more than 200,000 votes. This is more than twice the difference between President Trump and Joe Biden in the Presidential race in the state.

Pa Lawmakers: Numbers Don’t Add Up,
Certification Of Presidential Results Premature and In Error pic.twitter.com/0DvmOldx1u

— Russ Diamond (@russdiamond) December 28, 2020

In his letter to Deputy AG Donoghue, Senator Mastriano lays out the undeniable evidence of voter fraud and irregularities in Pennsylvania this election. As a retired Army Colonel Mastriano wrote that the US spent millions of dollars on elections in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo and Bosnia yet the election in Pennsylvania was not as free and safe as the election in war-torn Afghanistan.

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