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Republicans Flip Iowa House District in Area Held by Democrats for 46 Years

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Republicans Tuesday night flipped an Iowa House district in an area held by Democrats for 46 years.

Republican Jon Dunwell defeated Democrat Steve Mullan in a special election – the second state legislative flip for the GOP this year.

“Thank you, Jasper County, for putting your faith in me to be your voice in the Iowa Statehouse,” Jon Dunwell said in the statement. “Throughout this campaign, I have had the honor of hearing from so many of you — those who agreed with me and those who offered opposing viewpoints. I have learned so much and am eager to get to work representing each and every one of you.”

Iowa House Speaker Pat Grassley celebrated the win.

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Jon flipped a seat held by Ds 4 decades. Iowans are resoundingly rejecting liberal policies coming from DC and influencing Dems in Iowa. IA GOP listens to their concerns and delivers on campaign promises. That’s why Iowans continue 2 grow our majority in the IA House #IAPolitics https://t.co/3SSS5rAynD

— Speaker Pat Grassley (@PatGrassley) October 13, 2021

The Des Moines Register reported:

Republican Jon Dunwell has won a special election for the Iowa House, flipping a Newton-based district that Democrats have held for years.

Dunwell led Democrat Steve Mullan Tuesday night with 60% of the vote, a difference of 930 votes, according to the Jasper County Auditor’s Office. The results are unofficial until they are certified by the Jasper County Board of Supervisors.

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