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Report: Trump Wants To “Wreck Fox News” – So Donald Is Planning To Launch His Own Network

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President Donald Trump still refuses to concede the 2020 election, and he fully intends to contest the results. Lawsuits have been leveled and investigations have begun.

But if Trump does in fact lose to Joe Biden, Donald may have an ambitious new goal in mind — it seems he wants to take on one of the biggest mainstream media outlets in the country.

And Fox News should probably take notice.

For much of Trump’s tenure as President, Fox often appeared to be his ally. Trump supporters flocked to Fox News and shunned the likes of CNN,  MSNBC, and other perceived left-leaning sources.

But Trump’s fan base hasn’t been happy with Fox since election day.

And apparently, the President isn’t happy, either. That’s why he’s reportedly revealed his intentions to take down the massive Fox Network, according to multiple sources.

From Axios:

President Donald Trump reportedly ‘plans to wreck Fox’ News by launching his own digital media channel.

Trump was angered after the network called Arizona for President-elect Joe Biden with just 73% of votes counted – and he made it known publicly.

The president’s aim in launching a media channel would be ‘to clobber Fox News and undermine’ the network.

This doesn’t mean the President wants to lau

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