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Removing illegals from the nation: Ike showed us the way

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Putting aside those who are freely crossing into our country expressly to do us harm – i.e., terrorists (yes, they still exist) – there are untold amounts of illegal immigrants from every corner of the globe just walking across the border, with no end in sight.

From what I can see, practically no one is being denied entry – which leads me to reiterate my theory that this has been the left’s plan since the Obama years and before. Only now they’ve added steroids to the mix. It’s an effort to overwhelm the immigration system, a la Cloward-Piven.

President Trump showed that it could be possible to seal the border, so left has flipped the script from, “it’s impossible to seal the border,” to, if you try, you’re a racist, xenophobic white nationalist.

And putting that aside, we’ve also heard for decades that once they’re here, we can’t just round up millions of Democrats illegals and kick them out. Even if we developed the will, it’s impossible to find them, right?

But it’s not as if this is anything new. This problem at the southern border has been plaguing America for over 70 years. Maybe not as pernicious as today, but still a major problem.

So is there a way to take care of the illegal-alien infiltration in America?

Well, yes there is. But it would take

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