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Red wave coming? State Senate seat flips to GOP in district Biden won by 25 points

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Could a red wave be coming in the 2022 congressional midterms?

Shocking results from a Connecticut special election on Tuesday may indicate just that.

Republican Ryan Fazio dealt a major blow to Democrats as he flipped a state Senate seat in a district President Joe Biden won by more than 25 percent in November.

Thank you.

I am grateful beyond words to this community for the trust they have placed in me. I will work hard every day to validate it as your state senator.

Now the real work begins: It’s time to bring a positive change to our state gov’t and a brighter future for CT. 🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/nbucZJroQl

— Ryan Fazio (@ryanfazio) August 18, 2021

Dee Duncan, president of the Republican State Leadership Committee, said it was “the first flip of a state legislative seat in a special election by either party in 2021.”

“Congratulations to Ryan Fazio on running a strong campaign,” he wrote in an email, according to Breitbart. “His victory demonstrates that the people of Connecticut are sick and tired of the radical tax and spend agenda coming from Democrats in Hartford and in Washington, D.C.”

“With Democrats controlling Washington, it’s more imp

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