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Race for Space: China’s Quest for World Domination Reaches New Heights

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China has been violating human rights, stealing intellectual property, and using technology developed by the United States and other nations for years. And while compared to the U.S., China’s space industry is still in its early stages, the Department of Homeland Security maintains that China is now striving to get ahead by stealing military space technology to advance its international dominance.

Senator Joe Biden asserted in the 1990s and early 2000s that embracing China into the global trading system would compel Beijing to play by international rules. In 2000, Biden voted to extend permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) to China, arguing that the move would benefit American workers. He contended that an annual review of China’s trade status was an empty threat that no longer served a purpose. Biden went so far as to declare that China’s leaders, after being forced to acknowledge the failure of communism, had consciously undertaken a fundamental transformation of the communist system that had “condemned their great people to isolation, poverty, and misery. He elaborated by saying, “I believe China is changing. China is far from the kind of country that we want it to be, or that its own long-suffering citizens are now working to build. But no single snapshot of unsafe working conditions, of religious and political repression, of bellicose pronouncements about Taiwan, will do justice to the fundamental shifts that are underway in China.” The clarity of his message is debatable.

Steve Ricchetti, a current advisor to Biden, helped organize the PNTR effort 20 years ago as deputy chief of staff to President Bill Clinton. The bill passed 83-15 and secured China’s entry into the World Trade Organization,

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