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President Trump: The Best is Yet to Come

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Today, at Andrews Air Force Base, President Donald J. Trump made his final departure from Air Force One, where he and the First Lady walked out to greet the crowd, as they chanted in unison, “We Love You, We Love You.”

He took to the stage and immediately told the crowd he loved them too, “from the bottom of my heart,” adding that it has been an incredible four years, and “we have accomplished so much together.” As he thanked his family, friends, staff, and others for their hard work and for being in attendance today, he remarked how no one understands how truly hard his family has worked for our country these past four years.

President Trump invited the First Lady to join him, mentioning that she has been a woman of grace and beauty. She briefly spoke, thanking everyone for their love and support, saying, “it was her greatest honor to be the First Lady. God bless you all, God bless your families, and God bless this beautiful nation.” 

Trump ran through his list of accomplishments, noting that what his administration has achieved has been amazing by any standard. He said, “We rebuilt the US military, we created a new force called Space Force, a major achievement for a regular administration,” adding that his administration was anything but regular. He mentioned his great work looking out for and taking care of our nation’s v

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