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President Joe’s schedule: ‘Proceed to Oval Office,” etc.

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Bloomberg reporter Jordan Fabian got a photo of Joe Biden’s official daily schedule for March 31 and shared it on Twitter.

The guy might find himself in serious trouble as a result. What a riot!

It starts off reminding Biden, clutched carefully in both hands, of his name: “Joseph R. Biden Jr.” Then the all important date: “Wednesday, March 31, 2021.”

The first order of business? “9:30 AM: Joint Tapings With First Lady.”

Note Joe doesn’t have anything scheduled before 9:30 in the morning!

There’s one tell-tale sign on the schedule: “Proceed to Oval Office.” Isn’t that where the president works? What for? He’s only going to be there for five minutes. Is this a potty break?

The taping with the first lady doesn’t tax Joe too much. It lasts only 15 minutes. Then it’s nearly time for lunch to take place precisely at 12:15 sharp followed by a 12:45 “Cabinet Meeting Prep.”

At each moment, Joe carefully checks off every appointment meticulously – so he knows where he is.

What a tough schedule! But a bread trail are his clues to where to go and when, thank goodness.

This might well be the most damning, telling and subversive document of the Biden administration so far. It is a clue to what i

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