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Pompeo: Iran will ‘hold the world hostage to its nuclear ambitions’

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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is warning that if the Biden administration’s policy on Iran continues, the rogue Islamic regime “will, one day, hold the world hostage to its nuclear ambitions.”

“You can feel it. The Biden administration is preparing to underwrite the Iranian regime and appease its mayhem and murder on the same theory that it did in 2015: ‘Pay Them and Enter the JCPOA or There Will Be War,’” he said in commentary for the American Center for Law and Justice, where he is senior counsel for global affairs.

The JCPOA is the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the nuclear deal brokered by the Obama administration and other nations in which billions of dollars in frozen assets was released to the Islamic regime.

“This asserted logic provided a seemingly powerful message for Americans who didn’t want their sons and daughters fighting in the Middle East,” he said of the agreement. “It was repeated over and over and over by John Kerry, Wendy Sherman, and Robert Malley until many came to wrongly believe this binary set of American policy options represented the only two ways to prevent Iran from achieving a nuclear weapon.”

Today, he wrote, it’s the “same cast of characters” that appears to be getting ready to “capitulate and permit the funding of Iranian terror, assassination, missile building, and

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