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Poll: Majority of voters want a full investigation into Biden’s fatal Afghanistan withdrawal

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When President Joe Biden was elected in November under hotly contested circumstances, he was supposed to be the most popular presidential candidate in our nation’s history, receiving more than 81 million votes.

The magic of this remarkable achievement wore off pretty quickly once he took up the post of commander-in-chief, however.

In less than a year, his administration has overseen crippling inflation, a horrific humanitarian crisis at the border and a return to pre-9/11 conditions in Afghanistan as the Taliban retook the nation with ease before our troops — and our civilians — had withdrawn.

It’s been a mess and a disaster. And now, the people who voted for and against the most popular presidential candidate in U.S. history want answers.

It’s not just Republicans, although they’re certainly making the most noise. Last week, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton was joined by over two dozen of his colleagues who demanded answers on what went wrong in Afghanistan.

A solid majority of voters believe that Congress should investigate the withdrawal.

Yes, Biden is turning out to be quite the historical president — although more so for his administration’s quickly-earned notoriety than succusses at this rate.

A Rasmussen Reports survey released last week found that while less than one-third of likely voters believed the Afghanistan withdrawal was a success (those are some optimistic likely voters),

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