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Please don’t clown around when it comes to abortion

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What on earth was “Saturday Night Live” thinking when it featured comedian Cecily Strong dressed up as pro-abortion advocate “Goober the Clown”? The skit was not only done in very poor taste (no surprise for SNL), but it was downright offensive, not to mention idiotic. To what purpose did it air?

Clowns, after all, are not supposed to be taken seriously. Why, then, have a clown advocating for abortion?

And clowns are associated with children’s entertainment, yet children are hardly the targeted demographic of SNL. Why, then, the clown?

The skit begins with a male news host discussing Texas’s heartbeat bill, which effectively bans almost all abortions after six weeks.

The host explains that “here to cheer us up” is “Goober the Clown, who had an abortion when she was 23.”

So, is that the purpose of the clown? To cheer the pro-abortion viewers as the pro-life movement continues to save the lives of babies?

In Goober’s own words (spoken as her bow ties spins rapidly), “It’s a rough subject, so we’re gonna do fun clown stuff to make it more palatable. Wee!”

Wee? Really? This is how you respond to an effective pro-life bill in Texas?

Goober actually squirts the host with water (emanating from her lapel flower) while stating, “I had an abortion one day before my 23rd birthday!”

How funny! How hysterical! What a great, enjoyable, instructive skit!

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