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Pennsylvania’s Audit Stolen From Mastriano

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Pennsylvania’s forensic audit initiative seems to have shifted direction with Jake Corman’s statement on Friday. Corman, who is the Senate President Pro Tempore, indicated in a statement released on Aug. 20 that Senator Doug Mastriano is somehow obstructing the process of a forensic audit.

After many weeks of work behind the scenes, we are now moving forward to conduct a forensic review of recent elections. I am confident that we have the right team in place to make it happen.https://t.co/1U5FQAhXoF

— Senator Jake Corman (@JakeCorman) August 20, 2021

Many are skeptical about Corman’s motivations. Conservatives who are pushing for a real forensic audit are not sure whether he truly is behind such an effort, contrary to his recent statement. Corman appeared on Bannon’s War Room on Friday. He stated Mastriano has “retreated from the issue now, but we are committed to it,” seemingly implying that Mastriano has given up. He also said Mastriano hasn’t been doing things with the subpoenas correctly to “withstand legal challenges.”

Also, on Friday, Mastriano appeared on Bannon’s show, episode 1189. He disputes Corman’s perspective, telling a different story. While he acknowledges that the audit is “taking way too long,” he states Corman’s decision has blindsided him. Mastriano said that Corman didn’t even have “the courtesy” to give him a call. Corman removed Mastriano’s entire staff shortly after the Bannon interview on Friday.

Mastriano explained that he has worked for “six weeks in good faith with them (the Senate),” and he is:

“No closer to have a voting session of my hearing than [he] was six weeks ago it’s important that we all need to know the kinds of games that go on in Harrisburg.

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