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Parents Continue To Unite Against Government Overreach

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Parents waited outside in sweltering heat and an “electrical” thunderstorm as they protested a new transgender policy being considered by the Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) Board. Policy 8040 would give LCPS leeway to incorporate expanded pronouns for students—expanded access to facilities and sports—according to gender identity and added training for staff and faculties related to gender identity issues.

The policy changes, in draft form below, aim to broaden existing programs such as bullying prevention, dress codes, sexual harassment/discrimination programs—to incorporate policies that address protected classes such as those who identify as transgender individuals.

Policy 8040/Loudoun County Public Schools/Aug. 10, 2021

According to several parents, the LCPS Board had forewarned its more progressive allies, changing the rules last minute from one to two minutes speaking time to allow “parents-in-the-know” to weigh in virtually. The virtual comments were allowed to go first. The unprecedented 2-minute time allotment resulted in those who showed up in person waiting longer in the heat and rain.

Due to the protracted time for public comment on Tuesday, the Board had to reconvene its meeting to Wednesday for a vote on whether to incorporate Policy 8040. It passed 7-2, with Jeff Morse and John Beatty voting against the policy. According to the Loudoun Times-Mirror:

“The board passed two amendments during the hour-long discussion. The first, introduced by Board Chairwoman Brenda Sheridan, will require inclusivity training for all LCPS staff members. The second, introduced by Board member Ian Serotkin, will require that school restrooms be modified to ensure privacy, modesty and safety for all students.”

UncoverDC spoke with several parents who attended the Tuesday meeting in person: Elicia Brand, Patti Menders, Joe Mobley,

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