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Our chaotic Afghan exit: Last straw before God’s judgment?

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By Stephen P. Downey

The previous administration designed a strategic withdrawal from the long and protracted war in that undefeatable place called Afghanistan. Negotiators knew, without a doubt, the Taliban would not keep their word on any agreement item. They would never share power with a corrupt puppet government they viewed as infidels. Taliban would sit back, wait for Americans to leave, then they would recapture what they believed to be theirs.

The previous administration, knowing that a continued presence would simply drain the U.S. of more lives and more dollars, devised a plan to withdraw. The entire country we call Afghanistan is nothing more than a collection of tribes assembled in a region artificially created by European powers a century ago. No one has ever “ruled” its entirety. Nothing about Afghanistan can be accurately called a country except, perhaps, a National Geographic map.

From the outside, looking in, the Trump plan to exit Afghanistan mirrored the Vietnam exit with the exception that lessons might have been learned. Weaponry, drones and ammunition would be removed or destroyed, Afghans who has assis

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