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OCCUPY D.C. in support of Jan. 6 political prisoners

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It’s mid November, just under a year until the midterm election.

What a good time it would be to start a series of daily rallies in Washington, D.C., for our numerous and sundry grievances, which I will refer to as “the Brandon factor.”

To date, Brandon’s chant (or the original sound-alike phrase) has been expressed nearly everywhere there are crowds gathered – mostly sports venues. I’ve not seen or heard Brandon’s name mentioned in the vicinity of Washington, though. Maybe I’ve missed it.

What an opportunity we’re missing!

I know. You’re busy people. You work hard. There’s little time for protests, demonstrations and rallies. But (do I need to remind you?), we’re close to losing our heritage of freedom in America. And nowhere does this threat emanate more dangerously than from Washington – the belly of the beast, so to speak.

It’s where the most momentous protests, demonstrations and rallies have taken place. Two quickly come to mind for me – Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and the Jan. 6 rally for President Donald Trump, attended by somewhere near 1 million people earlier this year.

Speaking of Jan. 6, there are at least 100 people, maybe more, in solitary confinement still and far more detained and awaiting trial for drummed up on charges involving the fracas at the Capitol. Tucker Carlson’s preeminent series called “Patriot Purge,” available now on Fox Nation, delves into the cases of thes

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