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Obama disciple takes over school, trashes horrified parents as full of ‘bigoted bull****’

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At the top of Ryan Vernosh’s Twitter account is a header image of the late Democratic Rep. John Lewis, along with perhaps his most famous quote: “Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.”

It’s the only public statement you’ll see on Vernosh’s Twitter account as of right now, as he’s locked his tweets. Vernosh, the 2010 Minnesota teacher of the year winner, likely thought he was engaging in some “good trouble, necessary trouble” when he confronted a resident of a town where he’d recently accepted a job as a principal.

Instead, Vernosh told that resident — a high school employee himself — that his opposition to transgender pronoun usage for children was “bigoted bulls***” and that he was contributing to teen suicide.

“I would kindly ask you to take your bigoted bulls*** off my timeline while I send positive energy …,” Vernosh wrote, according to the conservative, Minnesota-based Alpha News, which posted screenshots of the exchange.

That was trouble, all right. As to whether it was the kind of trouble that’s “good” or “necessary,” the fact Vernosh’s tweets are now protected should probably give you the answer to that.

Vernosh was hired this year to be the principal at Brimhall Elementary School in Roseville, Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb.

He had, on paper, a solid provenance. Besides that teacher of the year award, he was apparently such a reliably liberal figure that,

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