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NYC Woman Facing Felony Weapons Charges, Up to 25 Years in Prison After Police Seize Her Airsoft Guns

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It starts off with the anti gun Karens saying things like “We don’t want to ban all guns. We support the 2nd Amendment. We just want common sense gun safety measures,” as they try to ban 11 round magazines and AR15’s.

It progresses now to police seizing airsoft pellet guns and inoperable guns with no bolt and no trigger assembly, as citizens are now charged felonies for possessing such.

That’s the nightmare one New York City woman is currently living.

The brave and stunning officers of NYPD’s 112th conducted a raid on Elizaveta Zlatkis’s home and found twenty one apparently illegal airsoft guns and one gun with no trigger assembly that is incapable of operating. She’s facing 25 years in prison. These items are perfectly legal in pretty much every other state.

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The Queens Daily Eagle reports:

NYPD officers acting on a tip last December raided the home of Elizaveta Zlatkis and found a cache of guns scattered around her Forest Hills apartment. The next day, cops from the 112th Precinct arranged the 22 seized weapons on a table and posed for a Twitter photo commemorating the bust.

Queens prosecutors charged Zlatkis, 31, with first-degree criminal possession of a weapon — a charge that carries a possible 25-year prison sentence — and a few local news outlets covered the case.

There was just one problem with the narrative and the charges: 21 of the 22 supposed firearms were airsoft rifles, toy replicas or starter pistols — the kind used at track meets — incapable of firing ammunition,

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