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Now media want you to eat crickets and lab-grown meat for Thanksgiving

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The Presidential Turkeys arrive at The Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., Sunday, Nov. 22, 2020, ahead of Tuesday’s National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony at the White House. (Official White House photo by Andrea Hanks)


By Laurel Duggan
Daily Caller News Foundation

An article in the Washington Post Wednesday argued that climate change could result in replacing Thanksgiving staples with lab grown meat, plant-based meat alternatives and crickets.

Hot summers, wildfires, droughts and flooding could damage American agriculture and make seasonal favorites like pumpkins and turkey hard to come by, according to the article’s authors.

The piece explained that weather events are already forcing farmers to relocate certain crops: southerners are moving their turkeys northward due to hurricane risks, and warm weather in the Northeast is making cranberry crops more vulnerable.

While climate change affects agriculture, according to the article, agriculture also perpetuates climate change. “Agriculture is responsible for up to 30 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions and 70 percent of freshwater use,” the authors reported.

Wild boar. Kelp salad. Crickets in you

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