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Normal Hearts in The Freezing Cold: What is MAGA?

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By Celia Farber

1:03 am, and I am home from Washington DC.

A lot of people have been calling me, and this is my most direct way of communicating.

I will be writing in-depth, but for now I would like to speak very plainly about what I know, saw, and perceived.

It won’t be linear, and things will be out of sequence. I’m drained, exhausted, livid, disgusted, afraid, hopeful, confused, and most importantly: deeply moved.

I met the most incredible people.

I can promise one thing only as absolute truth, and that is that the soul of this nation, though battered beyond all comprehension, is more alive than I have ever known it to be. To walk in a crowd of maybe one million people and to feel maybe for the first time in my life that NOBODY wants me to be ashamed of who I am and what I love and why was incredible. All ethnicity and nationalities. Need I say this?

These people are tenderhearted, polite, very well informed, and friendly. I wish I could walk among them every day. Donald Trump is truly not “what it’s about.” Not anymore.

Why is journalism so fossilized they can’t bring themselves to speak with, listen to, a single American working person? The question would be: ‘I can see that you were very determined to get here. Tell me why? What are you fighting for today?”

NOT ONE would say: “Keep the immigrants out,” or mention race in any context.

NOT one. They speak to the last man and woman about wanting to preserve the American constitution, have real elections, have a media that is not lying and covering up crimes,

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