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No One Told The Founders It Was All Going To Be Okay

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No One Told The Founders It Was All Going To Be Okay

I must first admit that I received this inspiration from other patriots; they crystallized what I had been thinking for the last few months. Steve Bannon, and Candace Owens to be exact.

I decided to write this article after several interactions with friends, family, and other patriots who I believe have got this all wrong. They are sitting back and waiting on Trump to do something. And, I must admit I have been guilty of this at times.

Trump is one man. He cannot do it all.

Here is what I’ve been hearing — Nothing is going on! Nothing will happen! I’m not going to the rally because it might be dangerous! No one will ever be held accountable! I can’t do anything! I’m only one person and can’t make a difference! The media is corrupt! (duh!) Look at what Twitter is doing! I hate the media but I still watch Fox News (what?).

Only 3% of the American colonists were involved in the American Revolution at any one time. These are the farmers, the shopkeepers, the lawyers, the Patriots who stood up to the alleged almighty King George.

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— L Todd Wood (@LToddWood) November 17, 2020

There was no one holding the Founder’s hands when they went up against the greatest empire in the world,

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