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Newly Released Flynn 302’s Demonstrate a Weaponized Special Counsel

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Reporter Jason Leopold obtained a FOIA release of the 302’s of interviews between retired General Michael Flynn and the Special Counsel’s office during the Mueller probe. What did we learn in this release?

We learned that the Mueller Special Counsel and the FBI essentially gaslit General Flynn. Over and over throughout the interviews, they seemingly lead him to “confess” that he had calls with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak centering around the sanctions the Obama administration had imposed as they prepared to transition out of the Presidency. General Flynn did nothing of the sort.

We know this because transcripts of his calls with the ambassador were released in May of 2020. The transcripts are 28 pages in length and detail each of the phone calls the former Trump administration official had with Kislyak as the transition was ramping up. The word “sanctions” is mentioned three times among the 28 pages- twice in one sentence, and always by Kislyak, with Flynn never directly addressing them.

General Flynn spoke about reciprocity for the expulsion of diplomats. The Obama administration had expelled 35 Russian diplomats in December of 2016, just as the Trump administration was transitioning. The move was aggressive and seen by many as more aggressive even than the sanctions imposed on the government.

General Flynn never spoke about sanctions with Sergei Kislyak. Again, General Flynn, not even once, spoke about sanctions with the Russian diplomat. You would never know that from these 302’s or the posture of officials within the FBI and the Obama administration at the time. Yates, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Pientka, and even Vice President Biden had successfully convinced an immature and inexperienced incoming administration that General Flynn had spoken about the sanctions with the diplomat,

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