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New York governor orders immediate parole and release of nearly 200 Rikers inmates because of staffing shortage

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NEW YORK, NY- Who knew New York could go from bad to just as bad after the resignation of touchy-feely Andrew Cuomo last month? From all appearances, the state’s new governor may be just as useless as her predecessor.

One of her first actions as governor will be to release 191 detainees from Rikers Island, which has been severely understaffed for months, with some units completely lacking guards, according to rt.com.

Under her “Less is More Act,” individuals who are subject to “technical parole violations” who would normally be locked back up would no longer be incarcerated. Gov. Kathy Hochul says that this is one of the primary contributors to Rikers being overcrowded.

“Parole in this state often becomes a ticket back into jail because of technical violations,” she said.

She explained this could be as simple as “someone caught with a drink or using a substance or missing an appointment.”

While the law doesn’t go into effect until next March, Hochul ordered the parole board to immediately release the 191 individuals on Friday, while moving some 200 Rikers inmates to state prisons over the next week or so hoping it will relieve some of the overcrowding.

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