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The scam is what it is, we’ve seen the undeniable proof. Now the evidence of the the planning and the cover up is emerging.

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We’ve seen the undeniable evidence of the theft itself in action with our own two eyes, and in many more ways than one–the same ballots getting fed through voting machines seven or eight times; fake water main breaks followed by boxes of ballots getting pulled from underneath tables once poll watchers had been ushered out; USB drives handed off between poll workers surreptitiously; Ruby Freeman and her daughter’s many fraudulent antics caught on tape perpetrating the Biden hoax; the list goes on, and grows daily. But now evidence of the planning and the cover-up are coming out too. And if this, the biggest scam in the history of scams, follows form, the cover up will prove to be even bigger than the biggest of all crimes. And it quickly is.

The most recent evidence of this comes from Nevada, where, for once, a Republican presidential contender was actually ahead and on pace to win the reliably blue state. Retired U.S. Army Col. Phil Waldron, who has been leading a team of forensic information technology analysts in examining ‘voting irregularities’ in several key battleground states this election cycle, revealed bombshell information this week regarding alleged actions taken by the chief election official in Nevada.

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