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Network ‘analysis’ identifies angry white men as the scariest thing in America

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CNN’s John Blake, who makes a living trashing white Americans, says Americans are most in danger from white men.

“There is nothing more frightening in America today than an angry White man,” Blake wrote in an analysis posted Saturday after Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted.

Blake’s logic was that the Rittenhouse trial, the trial of three men accused of killing black teen Ahmaud Arbery and a civil trial over the 2017 violence at Charlottesville, Virginia, are proof that angry white men are out to destroy everything they please, any time they please.

“Race is an inescapable theme that runs through all the trials. At the center of each are White men who are accused of using unjustified violence, either against an unarmed Black man or during racial protests,” he wrote.

Blake’s prejudice against whites is long-standing.

In a September analysis, he said those nasty evil white men supporting diversity are also part of the problem.

“Racial diversity can function as a cloaking device, concealing the most powerful forms of White supremacy while giving the appearance of racial progress,” he wrote.

During that rant, he called “W

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