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“Negativity Is Their Product” – UFC’s Dana White Rips Media In Genius Video

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UFC President Dana White released an epic video blasting the Mainstream Media for their attacks during the pandemic.

“They criticized me for even trying to find a way forward. Because it is easy to criticize from the sidelines.”

Here it is:

As we roll into 2021, I just wanted to remind everyone there’s ALWAYS a solution to every problem! So, cut through all the bullshit, and don’t let these people that don’t matter tell you how to live your life. pic.twitter.com/HPMbtojjJx

— danawhite (@danawhite) December 21, 2020

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The media smeared Dana White. They wanted him to stop UFC like the NBA stopped. They wanted the whole world to stop.

But Dana White wouldn’t.

Dana White found a solution. He found a way to keep his business going and provide jobs for his employees.

Dana White s

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