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Nashville Christmas Bombing Shut Down ATT Network for Hundreds of Miles, 911 Centers Disrupted, Internet Service, Affected Apps in Georgia

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By Jim Hoft

Published December 27, 2020 at 10:45am

Emergency services Friday responded to a massive explosion in downtown Nashville on Christmas morning.

The explosive was inside of an RV parked on 2nd Avenue in downtown Nashville.

The RV arrived on 2nd Ave at 1:22 AM, police said.

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According to eyewitnesses and law enforcement that arrived on the scene, an audio warning was broadcast from the RV ahead of the explosion.

The warning went on for 30 minutes before a “countdown” began right before the massive explosion.

FOllowing the still unexplained explosion, Tennessee’s governor noted the Nashville explosion affected over 20 local 911 call centers, residential phone lines and cell service.

Flights were delayed out of Nashville.

UPDATE: Flights out of #Nashville airport halted due to telecommunications issues associated with RV explosion downtown, 911 systems up to 180 miles away knocked out, @AP rpts: https://t.co/Cxi8H6UnJz

— Mark Albert (@malbertnews) December 25, 2020

Communications outages continued into Saturday.

UPDATE: Sweeping communications outages—including residential & cell phone service & 911 centers—continuing to plague large swaths of #TN after RV exploded early Christmas morning in downtown #Nashville near comms hub, @AP rpts: https://t.co/dKqdcvxStV

— Mark Albert (@malbertnews) December 26, 2020

A friend of TGP who was traveling through Tennessee this weekend said internet service was down for hours.

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