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My wife’s hometown surrounded by fire and heroes

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By now, most people know that a large part of the western United States is blazing with forest fires. There are actually 100 large fires burning in 14 states, with dozens more blazing in western Canada.

Phys.org reported that, “The roughly 21,000 federal firefighters working on the ground is more than double the number of firefighters sent to contain forest fires at this time a year ago, and the agency is facing ‘critical resources limitations,’ said Anthony Scardina, a deputy forester for the agency’s Pacific Southwest region.”

An estimated 6,170 firefighters alone are battling the Dixie Fire in Northern California, right now the largest fire in the U.S.

The L.A. Times reported last week, “After igniting a month ago, the Dixie Fire has now seared 510,227 acres. It is the second-largest wildfire in California history and the 14th most destructive, burning more than 550 homes. It has scorched parts of Plumas, Lassen, Butte and Tehama counties, north of Sacramento, and was [only] 30% contained as of Thursday.”

Tragically, Plumas County’s small towns of Greenville and Canyon Dam were largely leveled to the ground by the Dixie Fire, but my wife’s little mountain hometown of Chester seemed to have been miraculously spared. A mandatory evacuation order from Sheriff Todd Johns was issued two days before the fire hit for all the vicinities surrounding Lake Almanor, including Chester.

With up to 25 mph winds pushing at its back,

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