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‘My source of strength is Christ alone’: Humble NFL coach praises God after biggest win of the season

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The Indianapolis Colts achieved a statement victory on Sunday over the highly touted Buffalo Bills, who had been favored by 7 points. In the immediate aftermath of the win, head coach Frank Reich remembered who helped him and the team reach that point.

“Some people know our team has been using the metaphor of climbing Mt. Everest to parallel our quest to make it to the top,” he said after the game. “And it doesn’t take long to figure out that this metaphor doesn’t merely apply to football.

“Rather, it can be a picture of the many challenges that we all face, right? We all face mountains that we’re trying to climb.”

This guy knows how to seize his moments. Pastors should learn from coaches. pic.twitter.com/UgfOcnFBJ0

— Jimmy Scroggins (@JimmyScroggins) November 22, 2021

As Reich continued, he made it clear that his speech was about more than just an impressive Colts victory. It was a chance for him to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

According to The Buffalo News, Reich recited the lyrics to the song “In Christ Alone” as a player for the Bills after their 1993 playoff comeback victory over the Houston Oilers. That 32-yard comeback remains the largest come-from-behind victory in NFL history.

Nearly three decades later after another big win, Reich saw the opportunity to share his faith once again.

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