Multi-Millionaire, Black Victim Lawyer Benjamin Crump: A Legacy of Lies and Racial Division

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Guest post by Parker Beauregard of Blue Conservative State – On his website, it is clear that celebrity attorney Benjamin Crump is most focused on one aspect of practicing law: Financial settlements. Images of total payouts and a list of lottery-like payouts adorn the homepage. He clearly wins; whether his victories advance justice is undecided. The site quietly notes that his commission is one-third the total settlement.

The name of Benjamin Crump is synonymous with high-profile cases of alleged black victims after their interaction with police officers. While Crump’s website boasts of large economic windfalls after traffic accidents (in one case he was awarded $411 million in damages stemming from a traffic accident), it is from decades of representing families like those of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd that the average American recognizes his name. Add the name of Dante Wright to the list. 

Recently, the family of George Floyd’s survivors, aided by the legal counsel of Crump, earned a tidy $27 million. This news was shocking for a few reasons. On top of representing a record settlement, the announcement also came in the midst of jury selection for the criminal proceedings. (Two jurors were dismissed by the judge after learning of the news). Of course, records were made to be broken, and the settlement for the Floyd family might very well be eclipsed by another suit filed by Team Crump and on behalf of the family of Dijon Kizzee, a black man killed by police in Los Angeles. They are seeking $35 million. 

Where wronging has occurred, righting is required. There is no dispute of that matter,

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