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Mr. President, Do You Want To Go Down In History As The Man Who Gave America To Communist China?

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If you don’t act, your supporters will be persecuted…We need leadership
Fight Now Or Be A Slave

There is no hiding it anymore — America is under attack by communist China, and other nefarious second-tier thug nations like Iran, and Venezuela.

They conspired with our corrupt elite to commit massive election fraud in favor of Joe Biden on Nov 3rd.

Our media, many parts of our governmental apparatus, and Silicon Valley are all colluding and corrupt — bringing enormous censorship, and coercive power against the future of America and the freedoms and rights the Constitution guarantees.

This plan has been a long time in the execution — we are now in the late stages of its enactment. Every step along the way has been choreographed to our demise as a free people.

Mr. President — you are the only thing standing in the way of this looming disaster.

You may be tired. You and your family may be fatigued of being attacked 24/7. However, your supporters believe in you and your agenda and they are now in direct line of fire. They will be persecuted i

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