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More First Hand Accounts of the Capitol Protests

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There seems to be a great deal of controversy over what happened on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6. Many are pointing fingers, saying it was Trump supporters who “stormed” the Capitol, and others say it was Antifa. I was there, and while I didn’t see anyone being violent from where I stood, my guess is that it was a mixture of people who entered the building that day. It may be that Antifa was there to agitate—a common tactic used by subversive groups called agitation propaganda or Agitprop. It may well be that Trump supporters took the bait and followed suit. However, one thing I do know from years of experience coupled with video evidence from countless rallies—conservatives and Trump supporters do not typically agitate and break things to communicate their message.

Having said that, there is almost no doubt that Trump supporters were in the building. The remaining question is, who was directly responsible for the damage and violence in the Capitol building? In my experience, it isn’t something Trump or his supporters condone.

This article will discuss select media commentary on the events of that day, as well as two first-hand accounts from interviews I conducted over the past week and a half.

The Epoch Times

Joshua Philipp of The Epoch Times interviewed Japanese journalist Masako Ganaha on his show, Crossroads. She walks the viewer through the footage that captured the shooting of Ashli Babbit at the Capitol. Ganaha, who is familiar with agitprop tactics, explains her perception of that event. She explains some of the tactics agitators use and explains how a couple of the men allegedly used those tactics to agitate Trump supporters. She also references men in the crowd who were later positively identified as known Antifa and BLM protesters.

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