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Mom shot in the leg while pushing her child’s stroller in police-defunded New York City

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NEW YORK, NY – Violent crime in the City of New York has risen significantly in the last year and there appears to be no end in sight.

Daily, there are stories of people being beaten, raped, robbed, and in this case, shot.

On November 4th there were reports of an innocent woman pushing her stroller being shot in the leg.

Woman Shot in Leg (Ozone Park, Queens) 📲 Live on @CitizenAppNYC https://t.co/8Cv147xQ9v

— NYCNews (@NYCNews18) November 7, 2021

The New York Police Department is investigating an incident where a woman who was pushing a stroller with her young child inside was shot in the leg in the Bronx.

Nearby video surveillance was rolling which shows the victim suddenly jumping from her stroller and hopping. The mother is then seen checking her child in the stroller to ensure that the child was safe.

The injured woman then apparently asks someone who was walking by for help before a good Samaritan happens to come by and wraps her leg. The good Samaritan is seen wrapping her wound with a sweater and carrying her to a nearby car.

Police reported that the woman suffered what appeared to be a non-life-threatening wound to her leg from the gunshot. Her child sustained no injuries and at this time, there is no information that has been released that would identify who may have shot the woman or where the shot came from.

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