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Mike Lindell Promises Supreme Court Case by Thanksgiving

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Since My Pillow Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium in August, he has traveled the country speaking with officials about the evidence he presented there, and now he is promising a Supreme Court case filed by States before Thanksgiving.

His website Fix2020First.com has a video in which he briefly explains the story that got him here, and his plans:

“As you all know, I was brought cyber forensic evidence back on Jan. 9th that 100% proves and validates everything that happened in the 2020 election. I promised everyone in February that I would do everything I could to get this evidence to the Supreme Court. First I spent months validating this evidence, then I had a Cyber Symposium in August of which all 50 states were represented.

The evidence that was shown was proved to be from the 2020 Nov. 3rd election. This manifested into many states reaching out and wanting their state audited and helping bring this to the Supreme Court. So now I’m promising this to you. This case will be presented to the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving.

We have evidence that China was also involved in this historical crime against our country, and whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, it doesn’t matter, as we have to fix 2020 first, and get rid of the machines—or we lose our country and our freedoms forever. I believe that the nine Supreme Court Justices who are there to protect our country will vote 9-0 to accept this case.”

On Steve Bannon’s Sept. 21 War Room Lindell described that during his state by state tour he spoke with representatives including Senators, Congressmen, Secretaries of State, and County Commissioners.

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