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McConnell Thinks we Will Forget This

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Sen. Mitch McConnell has gotten this one completely backward.

Over 50% of voters in November don’t believe the election was legitimate and fair. Does Washington really think they can govern when half the voters don’t believe it’s a legitimate administration? Apparently, McConnell does. We’ll see about that one

Before I get into slamming Mitch, if you’ve read my opinion pieces, you know that I am not on either political side right now. Democrats are the scourge of the earth, and that’s including their penchant for spreading racism and hate wherever they go.

But to be fair, career politicians on both sides are diseases. The GOP, DNC, conservative, and liberal media outlets all want the status quo because it keeps them employed. “Ignore it and move on,” is the collective message from all of them.

Let’s break down what Republican representatives have been doing to us for decades now. They tell us that we need to elect them to push back against the le

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