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Mass murderer praises Taliban for Afghanistan takeover

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Nidal Hasan

A mass murderer who killed 14 and injured another 43 during his Islam-inspired assault on U.S. soldiers at Fort Hood in 2009 has asked his lawyer to convey to the Taliban his congratulations for the terror group’s takeover of Afghanistan.

That happened after President Biden ordered the abrupt withdrawal of American troops, a move done so quickly Americans and U.S.-supporting Afghans were left stranded to deal with the rule of radicals in the Taliban.

Also left behind were billions of dollars in U.S. war machinery, including weapons, aircraft, vehicles and supplies.

The Washington Examiner reports the message came from Nidal Hasan, a former U.S. Army major who called himself a “soldier of Allah” when he went on a deadly rampage at Fort Hood and shot and killed more than a dozen.

He’s now on death row at Fort Leavenworth.

He asked his lawyer, after boasting that “We Have Won!!!” to communicate to the Taliban with this message:

“All Praises be to All-Might Allah! Congratul

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